Evermore no more!

Due to not wanting to be associated with the recent legal battle (and subsequent settlement) between an American pop star and the Utah amusement park Evermore, the title of the next Saber cuts a dash album (originally titled Evermore) has now been changed.

The new title will actually reflect the album’s theme in a far more poignant manner, so in hindsight, this is probably what it should have been called all along!

The new record is still in production. More updates on a likely release date will follow in due course. All great things come to those who wait! 🙂

Update from SCAD

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while! The world has changed drastically over the course of this year, and I hope you are all keeping safe and staying positive despite all of this chaos that has changed the way we live for the foreseeable future.

In regards to my creativity, the progress of the new album has been stalled temporarily because of COVID-19. I’ll be able to make very slow progress soon, but the reality is that the record may not see the light of day until 2021 now.

Through these changing times, we’ve all seen other terrible injustices around the world, affecting all of us decent folk! Inevitably, new music in the form of two distinct compositions have been gifted to me. They stand apart from the album, which has its own, very specific theme.

So, as we all have our own plans for a post COVID-19 world, I’d like to share mine with you, in the order that they will most likely happen…


Return to Prominence: World Tour

A much delayed and long awaited re-introduction to the live arena, featuring three separate set lists and three different types of individual show; Electric performance, Acoustic performance, Piano performance. Featuring songs spanning an entire back catalogue. Hopefully commencing before the end of this year, but if this is not possible, then 2021 for sure!

A: State of Perplex / B: Nocturno – Limited edition 7” single

Two brand new tracks, reflecting the current climate. The next release, only available on 7” vinyl format and to be sold in select independent record stores, directly to mailing list subscribers and at future shows. Once they’re gone, they’re gone! A completely separate entity to the forthcoming studio album.

Evermore: New Album

Already in the midst of being recorded. A very personal theme, but also a universal one… now more than ever.


As soon as it’s possible for the aforementioned to be realised, then they will be. It just may not be this year. But what a year 2021 will be in that case!!

In the meantime, take care, be safe, be responsible and be kind to one another please 🙂


PS: Feel free to join the mailing list, to be eligible to order the 7” single when it is ready for pre-order, and to also receive a free gift now!

New album announcement

The originally planned Evermore EP is now to become an album!

Evermore the album will be released sometime in 2020, and will retain the same subject matter, themes and sentiment as was originally intended for the EP.

Ascension (The Drugo Ja remix) now available to download worldwide

The infamous Drugo Ja remix of Ascension is finally available to download worldwide.

The radical electro pop remix was initially only available in limited edition 7″ vinyl and digital download formats within Croatia, but is finally available to purchase and stream digitally all around the world!

Drugo Ja is an acclaimed ‘underground’ Croatian producer who has been referred to as ‘The Banksy of remixes’ due to his secretive identity and reclusive nature.

Ascension (The Drugo Ja remix) featuring Dorothea is available from the following digital stores:

WAV Format:


mp3 Format:




Google Play Music

Plus many more digital stores worldwide!

Free download for 2018!

Here is a free download of the Organic Treasures opening track The Golden Era, recorded live in Barcelona on a smartphone by a member of the audience.

This audio has been recently discovered and captures an intimate performance with just voice and ukulele.

To download this free gift, click here.

‘The Next Album’ now written!

The next Saber cuts a dash album has now been written in its entirety!

Recording will commence within the next few months. The album is scheduled to be released in the latter half of 2018.

Thank you all for your patience and continued support!

In the meantime, please enjoy a free gift

Unclassifiable: LEGACY EDITION – The 8-Track Tape Demos Remastered

The infamous, lost ‘double album length demo’ Unclassifiable has finally been uncovered and now remastered with J37 tape saturation, to be presented in a single album format as Unclassifiable: LEGACY EDITION – The 8-Track Tape Demos Remastered.

The collection will be released on 09.06.2017 as a ‘continuous play’ digital download exclusively from the official website shop.

These songs will also be revisited in a stripped down format as part of the forthcoming Interim Tour this fall.

All proceeds from sales of this product will go towards The British Red Cross Society UK Solidarity Fund, in the aftermath of the recent devastating terror attacks in the UK.