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24 Nov 2014

Organic Treasures

  • The Golden Era
  • New Bohemian Heart
  • Spring Back Higher
  • Ballad of a Non Believer
  • 60s Time Machine
  • Emmelina
  • Angel of Fortune
  • Ascension
  • What I'm Offering
  • Moon Mad Girl
  • Internal Revolution
  • The Golden Hour

“Beauty can be found in everything. From birth to death and everywhere in between. All we have to do is look hard enough and dig deep into our souls to find a way to recognise it, carry on, learn and prosper in this unpredictable journey of life. Once we have done that we will constantly find treasure in the organic heart of this Earth. We can’t always change the world outside, but if we can change our world within, then we may see the earthly exterior in a different way, through a different perspective. If enough of us start an internal revolution, then who knows what we can do individually and collectively along life’s path!”


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